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Born in 1947 and licensed since 1984 as ON1BZY. Retired HVAC eng. and service desk operator.
CW is my favourite mode but also SSB and is used.
Love contests and small dxpeditions. Also WFF is on the program.
Clublog user aswell as LOTW. only sporadic eQSL.
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Contest call: GB9IOW

July 28 untill august 03 – IOTA contest 2017.

Crew: DD2CW Jef, ON3UN Dirk, ON6LY Cis and ON6UQ Cel.

We try to work as many stations as posible also before as after the contest. Modes SSB, CW and DIGI. We try to activate some WFF parks as well.

Equipment: ICOM TRX and Expert PA as main station and a 100W yeasu for outdoor use. A 3 band full wave loop antenna for 10/15/20m, a 40/80m vertical and FD4 as back-up.   QSL via ON3UN.

wight isl

28 august we arrived on the island. The trip with the Ferry was calm and also withe pont connection with the island was easy. After a few hours with the car we arrived at the location.

A location with 2 beds and a sofa. One of us stays outdoor in a tent (ex. soldier). The weather forecast was good. After a few  hours it to rain and blow, at least 60 km/h and it became a hell of a job te put de antenne masts up. Jef had a home made construction of a 3 band full wave loop antennen, created with a spyderbeam pole of 12m. Almost impossible to hold him up in the wind.  Cis installed also a FD4 and a vertical for  30m. Not possible to set up the 40/80m vertical by this wind and rain.

We took place in a barak becouse there was no room in the cottage to place all the equipment so the only place was outdoors. Will you now? It’s the oldtimer(Cel) who writing this and I’m not so flexible anymore(70y) so the hard jobs was for the younger men.

Propagation was as usually not so optimal but we have in total more than 2000 Qso’s in the log.  I myself was not so in the mood and was chaking from the cold. Later it would show that I had abdominal flu. Nevertheless we made it as an adventure.

Dirk was  our kitchen chef and tryed to made also that Englisch food. O boy, my stomach. I needed a week to recover. But wonder oh wonder. For the first time no spirits but only wine.

Jef and Dirk activated also a park (GFF-0000) after the contest, a unique possibility.






That was all folks……CU by our next expedition.

Special thanks for Patrick ON3CQ for the QSL design.


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si9am 2015

Start de file manueel

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SI9AM 2014 – The return

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera



This time we left via Brussels airport in Zaventem to Arlanda airport in Sweden. Everything went smoothly and we left at 10 h 00 local time.
12 h 15 arrival at Arlanda airport where everything went smoothly. Arlanda did have no carrental at the airport but there was a ring bus which drove every 10 minutes to the car rental companies..

We hadden een Volvo V70 gehuurd maar deze bleek maar juist groot genoeg om de bagage én de levensmiddelen voor een week. Na een 500 tal km arriveerde we bij Jörgen en Ulla waar we vriendelijk werden ontvangen en aan de koffietafel werden uitgenodigd.Na een uur en na het betalen van de huur, reden we richting Utanede naar de shack van SI9AM. Alles was perfect in orde en konden meteen starten.

We had rented a Volvo V70 but these turned out  just large enough to the luggage and groceries for a week. After a 500 km we arrived at Jörgen and Ulla where we were received very friendly and invited to the coffee table.
After an hour and after paying the rent, we drove towards  to the SI9AM shack of Utanede.Everything was perfectly fine and could start immediately.
Digital StillCamera
De FT1000MP en de ACOM 1000 hebben niet stil gelegen tijdens die week en werkte perfect. Wel werd het erg warm binnen met 4 personen en een continue draaiende PA., soms pieken van 28°C maar we hadden voldoende spuitwater en frisdrank meegebracht..
Voor een week hadden we in totaal 9 broden en een heleboel andere etenswaren, aangekocht bij ICO . Dirk verzorgde het eten en jaja, hij kan er wat van.(ik ga nu op dieet)
De propagatie bleek in grote delen van Europa goed te zijn. Dit konden wij niet zeggen daar in het hoge noorden, het noorderlicht zal daar wek grotendeels mee te maken hebben.
The FT1000MP and ACOM 1000 have not suspended during that week and worked perfectly. Though it got very warm inside with 4 people and a continuous rotating PA., sometimes peaks of 28 ° c but we had enough sparkling water and soda brought with us.
For a week we had a total of 9 breads and a lot of other items, purchased from ICO. Dirk provided the food and Yes, he now something of it.(I am now going on diet)
The propagation in large parts of Europe turned out to be good. This we could not say , there in the high North, the northern lights will awaken largely to do with it.
Het resultaat is goed. ;We maakte 1600 kontakten voor en na de contest. En tijdens de contest 2745 met een score van 1.350.800 in classe multi op single transmitter (geen multiplier station). Beter konden we niet want we hebben 45 uur gewerkt van de 48 .
Het kan niet altijd kermis zijn nietwaar?
The result is good. ;We made 1600 contacts before and after the contest. And during the contest with a score of 1.350.800 in classe multi op. single transmitter (no multiplierstation)2745 Q’s. Better we couldn’t because we have 45 hours worked from the 48.
It may not always be fancy fair right?
We zullen dit zeker nog overdoen volgend jaar in october
We will certainly still redoing next year in october
Alla mycket tack och tills nästa år.Vi kommer säkert fortfarande göra om nästa år i oktober
Deze link brengt u bij de specal folder
Click foto to enlarge
si9 folder
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On oktober 22 we take a flight to Stockholm and via car 600 km into middle of Sweden, Utanede. We will stay until 29 oktober.

We participate in the CQWW contest. Before and after we work in CW/SSB on WARC bands.

All info on www.si9am.se.

A beautiful award is available..

73, Cel ON6UQ

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SI9AM 2013

Back in the country. After one week in Utanede, Sweden.  This year we were there with four, Jef DD2CW, Roger ON7TQ and Dirk ONL741, Cell, ON6UQ. This year formed into ‘ The R-team “

Our participation in the CQ WW SSB contest has taught us a lot and have a decent score.3040 QSO’s 113 zones 358 country’s and claimed score from 2.071.658

Before and after the contest we have both, in CW and SSB worked, mostly on the WARC bands, where we got regularly a serious pile-up.


In a room we had small place to take a rest between the QSO ‘s. Two mattresses on the floor and a bunk bed.

A good atmosphere between the R-team members and pleasant work without frequent appointments, just on the feeling.

The journey from Eindhoven went smoothly and in Stockholm Skavsta airport was the car reserved. We had another 600 km ahead via the E4 motorway to the QTH of SM3FJF Jörgen and SM3LIV, Ulla. where we were received friendly and equally could talk about our hobby at a cup delicious coffee and pastries.si9-7

It was 20h00.  Another small 100 km to Utanede on the Swedish countryside. Everything was ready and could start right away.

Jörgen had the kitchen downstairs for us aside for our dayly meal. A very good idea where we regularly made use of.  We had a stock gained for a few days and middle that week we are go shopping again.

The ACOM1000 was implemented along with the FT1000MP and was immediately started on the WARC bands. There was a lot of traffic.

One by one we were sleepy after a while and sunk in a sort of frenzy. However, the transmitter and the N1MM logger stil working. Aziatic russia and Japan especially. From now the transmitter was continuous in the air, Jef, Dirk and Roger in SSB and myself mostly in CW.

We worked the contest in multi single and have 43 of the 48 hours spent.Result: 3040 stations, 113 zones, 358 country’s and claimed score of 2.071659.A bit higher than last year.

Jef showed an illustration about TX5K on Clipperton Island. This for 15 guests amateurs.We started miserably with a minute’s silence as the president Lars, SM3CVM died that week.

It was a wonderful presentation and they listened carefully.

We had a good time in the SI9AM shack, made a lot of fun and that regular with a good Remy Martin boost. Planned to come back next year.

The weather was excellent and the temperatures above zero. sometimes mist in the morning but generally quite sunny. Of the storm in Western Europe we have not noticed anything.

The R-team


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Without E-mail


Not everyone knows what it means to be without email. Since 8 days I receive no email from the Telenet provider. What if you do business and you need this facility? To day, there is no incoming mail via webmail and outlook express. Holmail and Gmail  do the job now but handy is something else.

The recovery limit is max. five days at Telenet but here there are larger problems apparently. In general, I have no complaints about Telenet but here they lose some good points.

Stay calm is the message.

Niet iedereen weet wat het betekend om zonder e-mail te vallen.
Sinds 8 dagen ontvang ik geen enkele e-mail meer van de Telenet provider. Wat als je zaken doet en je deze faciliteit nodig hebt?
Tot op heden is er geen inkomende mail via webmail en outlook express.
Gmail en holmail doen het werk nu maar handig is iets anders.

De herstel limiet is vijf dagen bij Telenet maar hier zijn er groter problemen blijkbaar.

In het algemeen heb ik geen klachten over Telenet maar hier verliezen ze enkele goede punten.

Kalm blijven is de boodschap.

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For some time I was looking for a replacement for the function of NOK President because my health no longer can give the 100% commitment to the club.

After 15 years as CM time to change. we came to an agreement with Francis, ON6LY, he take up the torch.

Until the month of april 2014 is this ad interim until the elections of CM. He will certainly give all he have and lead by the time the club as good as possible.

I wish Francis all strength and will thank all the crew for supporting me in those 15 years.

Of course I will help where I can.

Thank you guy’s.

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