SI9AM 2013

Back in the country. After one week in Utanede, Sweden.  This year we were there with four, Jef DD2CW, Roger ON7TQ and Dirk ONL741, Cell, ON6UQ. This year formed into ‘ The R-team “

Our participation in the CQ WW SSB contest has taught us a lot and have a decent score.3040 QSO’s 113 zones 358 country’s and claimed score from 2.071.658

Before and after the contest we have both, in CW and SSB worked, mostly on the WARC bands, where we got regularly a serious pile-up.


In a room we had small place to take a rest between the QSO ‘s. Two mattresses on the floor and a bunk bed.

A good atmosphere between the R-team members and pleasant work without frequent appointments, just on the feeling.

The journey from Eindhoven went smoothly and in Stockholm Skavsta airport was the car reserved. We had another 600 km ahead via the E4 motorway to the QTH of SM3FJF Jörgen and SM3LIV, Ulla. where we were received friendly and equally could talk about our hobby at a cup delicious coffee and pastries.si9-7

It was 20h00.  Another small 100 km to Utanede on the Swedish countryside. Everything was ready and could start right away.

Jörgen had the kitchen downstairs for us aside for our dayly meal. A very good idea where we regularly made use of.  We had a stock gained for a few days and middle that week we are go shopping again.

The ACOM1000 was implemented along with the FT1000MP and was immediately started on the WARC bands. There was a lot of traffic.

One by one we were sleepy after a while and sunk in a sort of frenzy. However, the transmitter and the N1MM logger stil working. Aziatic russia and Japan especially. From now the transmitter was continuous in the air, Jef, Dirk and Roger in SSB and myself mostly in CW.

We worked the contest in multi single and have 43 of the 48 hours spent.Result: 3040 stations, 113 zones, 358 country’s and claimed score of 2.071659.A bit higher than last year.

Jef showed an illustration about TX5K on Clipperton Island. This for 15 guests amateurs.We started miserably with a minute’s silence as the president Lars, SM3CVM died that week.

It was a wonderful presentation and they listened carefully.

We had a good time in the SI9AM shack, made a lot of fun and that regular with a good Remy Martin boost. Planned to come back next year.

The weather was excellent and the temperatures above zero. sometimes mist in the morning but generally quite sunny. Of the storm in Western Europe we have not noticed anything.

The R-team



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